Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Laws (Physical, Scientific, Logical and Biblical) & a 2 Year Old

Laws of Motion:

Law Number One:
Movable objects at rest will be put in motion. An immovable object will be climbed to attain a better launch point.

Law Number Two:
The Force exerted on a movable object is directly proportional to the perceived wrongness of the action and is inversely proportional to the time available before I think Mama will catch me.

Law Number Three:
For every action there is an equal or greater verbal reaction from my siblings.

Laws of Thermodynamics:

Law Number One:
I am the total energy to destroy any sibling's creation in my universe

Law Number Two:
I am the cause of all increases in the entropy of my world

Law Number Three:
Only when my current activity is nap time (absolute zero), can the household attain minimum entropy (maximum order.)

Logical Laws (Finite State Machine, household lab application):

If a light is on, I turn it off. If I turned it off, I turn it on...
If a light is off, I turn it on. If I turned it on, I turn it off...
If a door is open, I close it (hard). If I closed a door I open it..
If a door is closed, I open it. If I opened a door, I close it (hard)...

If the refrigerator is closed, I open the door... and then hang on the door handle and swing back and forth on the door until Mama gets to me (see "Laws of Motion, Law Number Two.")

Application of Biblical Laws:

Is in current, blatant, continual violation of wisdom law/proverb Number 27 Section 14
"He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, It will be reckoned a curse to him."


Miriam said...

These are great! Its amazing how much one two year old can add to a family! And he's so cute and innocent looking to everyone else!

Lydia said...

Great post! Who know you could learn so much from a 2 year old? :-) They have a great influence on the noise level/amount of peaceful quiet in the house. I remember those days of constant activity. Now that it's not really that way at our house, with everyone growing older, I've started to miss some of the excitement it brings.

Rob said...

It's certainly learning on adrenaline. And he is cute and innocent looking: you just better know where he is and what he's doing.
A picture of his life: me looking out into the back yard and observing him settle himself into the plastic lawn chair he has just erected on top of the round concrete semi decorative picnic table. A proud king on a (precarious) throne.